‘Out of control’ patron charged with five felonies


A Montgomery man, whom Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office described as “out of control”, was charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor on February 23, when he hit his girlfriend and threatened several people, including law enforcement. 
On February 23, the Montgomery Police Department was dispatched to a local bar for an “out of control” patron who had swung at a couple of people, and who was being held on the ground. 
When officer Dan Siebsen arrived, he found a woman holding her face with bloody hands, and Luis Guillermo Ingram, 32, on the floor, next to two large puddles of blood. The officer was told the blood was Ingram’s girlfriend’s. 
According to county reports, Ingram was handcuffed, and while he was being arrested, he began shouting obscenities at the officer. As Le Sueur County Deputy Sheriff Herb Moon and Siebsen were trying to get Ingram to stand up, he said he was going to “kill the (expletive)  cops”. 
Continuing to be less than cooperative while he was being taken to the patrol car, Ingram head-butted another bar patron. After falling and refusing to get up for the officers again, they dragged him to the patrol car parked behind the bar.
Ingram was arrested and given a breathalyzer test that showed his blood alcohol level at .16, three times over the legal limit.
The county reports stated that officials then followed-up with interviews with Ingram’s girlfriend who was taken to Mayo Clinic Health System New Prague and treated for a broken nose and mild concussions, and other patrons. They also spoke with her mother, and several patrons who had been at the scene.
According to accounts, Ingram’s troubles started early in the day when he began drinking. This was  followed by hearing alleged racist remarks that angered him in the bars. 
If convicted, each charge could bring with it five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.
Ingram made his first appearance in Le Sueur County Court on Tuesday, March 5. 

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