‘Road Closed’ means just that

On Monday morning, a big sign on Central Avenue North, near Second Street, said “Road Closed.”

A black SUV drove around the barricade Monday morning, shortly after street construction began on the road. There were a number of heavy construction vehicles in the area. He found himself behind a front end loader that was making its way around a large dump truck. The front end loader turned onto First Street, and the SUV driver was faced with this dilemma: to his right, several large pieces of equipment were busy removing the road surface. To his left, the road was blocked off by utility crews making preparations for more street removal, and in front of him, two barricades and several large trucks blocked his path.

The driver paused for a few seconds, then proceeded to turn around. As he backed up, a skid loader was backing up and had to make a sudden stop to avoid hitting the SUV.

New Prague Street Construction season is now underway. This year’s project involves the area around city hall, with construction on both First Street and Central Avenue. It is going to be an inconvenient time for those who have business at City Hall, but people can make it easier on themselves if they just watch the signs.

“Road Closed” means exactly that… For everyone. If you think you’re going to save some time going through a construction zone, think again. If you have business at City Hall, be aware that the project is being done in several phases, and there will always be some parking available near the building.

But please, stay out of the way.

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