1st graders send letters to President

First graders at Falcon Ridge Elementary School in New Prague sent letters to President Barack Obama in the week preceding his inauguration. The 20 students in Cindy McNab's class offered encouragement and comments on the White House, which they studied, and on the job the president is facing. Some asked questions about the job and the White House.

The notes included:

...We saw your White House. I wish I could live in your White House. I could go bowling and watch TV - Sam

...Are you excited to be president of the USA? I bet your kids are probably going to have fun. - Ashley

...I wish I could live in the White House with you forever! We could watch movies and go swimming and go bowling. - Logan

...I love president Obama!!! My name is McKenna. - McKenna

...Why did you want to be the President? I like the White House. - Lizzy

...How long is your hallway? What does the bowling alley look like? The White House is huge? Wow! - Ava

...What will you do when you move to the White House? - Xavier

...What are your jobs? Will you like your jobs? Are you going to like being a president? I think you are going to be a good president. - Sarah

...What are some of the rules you're going to make? I like the green room and the red room. - Wyatt

...I hope you make good rules for the U.S. What are your kid's names? - Ethan

...When is your birthday? Do you have a TV in your room? Your job is nice because you have a nice house - Alex

...What are you going to do in the future? What are your kids names? Again, are you sure you're ready to take on this big job? - Brody

...What is your job about? How many rooms do you have in your house? How many kids do you have? - Marah

...I think your house is cool. And you have to clean all those bedrooms and your office. - Alex W

...How many bathrooms are in the White House? How long is the swimming pool? Do you really have a movie theater? - Abby

...Is your new house cool? What is in your office? How big is the White House? - Kody

...What jobs will you have? What rules will you have? We go to a Reading room. Do you like to read? I bet you do! - Codey

...Will you like being the president? Do you have a limo? - Cameron

...What are you going to do when you are president? Will you be happy when you're president? - Cade

...Do you like the White House? Do you like to be president? Do you like the red room and the green room? Do you like your office? - Avery

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