8th graders gets ready for high school

Eighth grade TCU students got a sneak peak into high school life on Thursday, May 23, when they attended an orientation and tour of the high school. The program is a way to ease the students into their upcoming freshman year. Above (right) sophomore Zach Skluzacek and freshman Kelsey Davis lead a group around the building, showing them what they can expect next fall.

Where to take lunch money, how the lockers are arranged, where to go with questions, and a glance at the teachers and classrooms were all a part of the Tri-City United eighth grade orientation and tour at the high school on Thursday, May 23. Just before lunch the soon-to-be freshmen from Montgomery and Le Center Middle Schools and Holy Redeemer School were welcomed by TCU guidance counselors and administration. They were then divided into groups to tour the new facility with high school student leaders, finishing with lunch in the school commons.

  The students seemed happy to be at the new school, expressing that they're looking forward to having more freedom.

"It will be so nice to not be with so many little kids," said eighth grader Lauren Miller, while saying she's also still a bit nervous about the transition. "The orientation was well done, but I'm kind of nervous that I'll forget where everything is."