Arts in a small town

By Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

When area residents look around they should feel fortunate that New Prague, Montgomery, Lonsdale and the surrounding communities have such strong arts programs.

Whether it's music or acting, this area has an abundance of events that people can participate in or enjoy. Among them are Hymnus choir, Curtain Call Theatre, Generations Theatre, the New Prague Community Band, the New Prague Czech Singers and the Domaci Dancers. The area has also produced various bands, ranging from polka to country to rock to Christian music. Several residents have also gone on to careers in the arts.

Of course, the emphasis that area schools put on the arts helps create an interest. While it is important for students to learn the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic, at an early age, it's also important they gain an appreciation for other aspects in life.

It seems every few years, people question the need for art or music classes in schools. They ask how does that benefit a student's education.

I believe the arts give a person a more well rounded education. Just as history helps us learn about our past, and hopefully help us create a better future, the arts lets us see what we can do with that combined knowledge. Reading and writing allows us to create stories, poetry, plays and music. Numbers also help in music, since musicians have to know how to keep a beat.

Through the arts, we can also ask questions. Over the years, stories and plays have questioned various topics of the day. One example is New Prague High School's 2008 spring play, Inherit the Wind. The play was, basically, about whether people should accept the banning of ideas or question it even if the outcome could be negative.

Other times the arts can just help provide us with a release or lift our spirits. For centuries, comedy in one shape or another has made people feel happier. Music such as spirituals has given people a ray of hope when things seem bleak.

Personally, I like to play music whenever I can, because more often than not, it helps lift me up or provide a positive balance.

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