Being kind and nice can help

Monday, Nov. 13, was World Kindness Day, like most of you I had never heard of this day, but being kind and nice is definitely something we could use. As winter is coming, some of our news from around the state and the world has been as dark, or darker, than the days we’ve had and the days ahead. So, maybe this will help bring a little light.

Several people around town know that I’ve worked at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival over the years. Mostly of that time has been as one of the characters roaming the streets or volunteering at the Information Booth. The booth provides all types of info, from maps and schedules to helping people find a crafter or specific food stand. We also are a location where lost items are dropped off or, well, found. During the final weekend we had one woman who lost a wallet and provided us contact information. Before she left, she asked if anyone had turned in the wallet. We had to inform her we hadn’t seen it. After she left, someone from Safety Services, dropped off the wallet. We called her and she was still in the parking lot. She came back in and was happy to see that everything was still in the wallet. She turned to her friend and said that was what she had been telling him about Minnesota Nice. I’ve been helping at the booth for several years and that has thankfully been a common aspect. I’ve seen people who are surprised or elated when they find a purse, wallet or something that has more personal than monetary value at the booth. When you see people react that a total stranger has dropped off their property it gives you a good feeling. In those cases, more than once, I’ve heard people say that there are still good people in the world.

I do agree with that, there still are good people around. If you look you can see it in small acts, when someone opens a door for someone or a person who buys a cup of coffee for the next person in line. We’re coming up on the season when acts of kindness or being nice seem to happen a little more. I know this has been said before in far more eloquent ways, but perhaps if we all were to do some small act of kindness once a month the world might at least seem a better place.

Veterans Day

This past Saturday was Veterans Day, although it was observed on several days this past week. Like many I want to say thank you to the many people who served our country in the Armed Forces, whether it was during peace time or a time of conflict. I know many people and have several friends and a few relatives who were in the branches of the military. Some were stationed overseas, others served in the U.S. I’ve heard from them or family members about how their service was one of the best things they went through. I can only imagine what it was like for them to leave home or their country. So, again, thank you to everyone who served.

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