Break-in occurs at Trondhjem Lutheran Church

Lori Nickel, Montgomery Messenger

Trondhjem Lutheran Church in Lonsdale was broken into sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning leaving church officials questioning who would do such a thing and why.

According to Pastor Howard White, the intruder entered the building through a door that had a dead plant jammed between the door and jamb, which prevented the door from closing and locking. The door was found that way this morning and there was no other evidence of forced entry.

Inside the church, the intruder pried both the administrator’s office and Pastor Janet White’s office doors open with a small pry bar that was found this morning and taken by police as evidence.

File and desk drawers were opened and gone through and so far it has been determined that about $320 in cash was taken as well as an old disk camera and an LCD projector. The stolen money had been raised by the church youth who donated the money for the upcoming youth trip to San Antonio, TX.

The damage inside the church was discovered when Lornette Schmitz arrived for work early Tuesday morning. The Rice County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 911 call to investigate.

“We’re just so thankful that there was no vandalism to the church,” stated church administrator Kim Smisek. “Many volunteers have put in a lot of time decorating the church in preparation for Vacation Bible School this week.”

Pastor Howard White responded, ”As I heard someone say this morning, I’d rather be the victim than the person who would do something like this.”

This is the second burglary at Trondhjem Lutheran Church. Cash was stolen from the church about a year ago and the intruder was never caught.

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