Bring on the games –– it's Snoweek at TCU!


A spirited Snoweek is underway at Tri-City United High School. So far students have dressed in western clothing and in team jerseys, and yesterday they played Snoweek Bingo. On Wednesday, they were introduced to the 10 Snoball King and Queen candidates in an afternoon assembly in the gym, followed by a game of "Minute to Win It" between Candidates Sam Ruger (left) and Alex Turgeon. The two competed in transferring five cotton balls from one bowl to another without using their hands –– while having petroleum jelly on their noses for an added challenge. The fun wrapped up with a couple lively games of floor hockey, with participation from students in grades 9-12. More details on Snoweek events are available in the February 7 print edition of the Montgomery Messenger. (Lori Nickel Photo)