Buns, buns and more at Kolacky Days, 2013

If there is one group of people who know Kolacky Days is this weekend, it is the staff at Franke’s Bakery - the official kolacky supplier for the Montgomery Area Community Club. They have been busy for days, weeks even, preparing for their busiest weekend of the year.
Jean Franke, daughter of the Jule Franke and the late Butch Franke, said the community club has ordered 420  dozen (that’s 4,800 individual fruit-filled buns for you non-math people) for the weekend at the park. If MACC needs more, the bakery will make more.
“If they need more we are always willing to make them more but they have done well the past couple years with that amount,” Jean said. 
If you think that’s a lot of buns, the amount the Franke Bakery sells to MACC is peanuts (that’s not a filling, by the way) compared the total the bakery cranks out. 
The bakery produces between 1,200 to 1,500 dozen (14,400 to 18,000 kolacky) for the weekend. This includes MACC kolacky. 
Of course, the amount they make all depends on the weather Jean said. 
“We watch the weather quite closely for the weekend. If it's a beautiful 80 degree day (which it is forecasted to be) we'll have big crowds in town. We do keep track of the weather and the number made each year so we know when to quit!” she said.
This Kolacky Days marks the first time it has been organized since the Mobilize Montgomery office closed last year. The Kolacky Days Committee has been meeting since last year to plan, organize and ensure the 79th annual event goes off without a hitch.
Events begin Friday. The Arts and Heritage Center displays memorabilia and a local photography contest. Friday evening the B-Bopp Inflatables for the kids open up. There is also the Queen’s Pageant, contest for homemade wines and the dance at Memorial Park.
For more Kolacky Days information, see the special souvenir section inserted in this week’s Messenger.

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