A busy life and other plans

The late musician John Lennon is quoted as saying, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." Lately my life has been busy, both around planned and unplanned events. An example is just this past weekend. Around noon on Saturday, Oct. 12, I was out at Barten Pumpkins taking photos and getting information for a story about the family owned business west of New Prague. The place was busy with many families picking out pumpkins, enjoying the wagon rides or the other activities. While it was a blustery day, the weather was nice for fall. Anyone wondering why I was dressed up with a tie and good shoes, well that leads to the second event I had that day. A friend asked me to take photos at his wedding. It was held at a Richfield park. The pavilion did provide some cover from the wind, but a few people had to line up to give extra cover around the unity candle when the bride and groom lit it. The priest also mentioned that it being a fall wedding, we could have ended up with snow. Despite the weather, it was a lovely ceremony. Over the years I’ve attended several weddings and even been involved in a few, from the best man to an usher. Most have been big events, held in a church with lots of guests. A few have been smaller, casual affairs with just a few family members and friends. Either way, it takes quite a bit of planning and I can understand why people are so glad when it’s over. These days it seems like we need to have a schedule or a calendar with us to plan for what’s going on in our lives. My job is a good example of how plans have to be made. There are meetings, festivals, grand openings, open houses and many other events that I attend over a year that require knowing the dates and times of when to cover them. Then there are the unplanned events that require making alternate plans. While we’re making plans, life goes on. If we’re lucky, we notice how the days are going by and enjoy them. Some people believe they need to plan for some big event for it to be enjoyable. As for me, some of the best moments in life have been those small unplanned events, where you are with those you care for.

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