Celebration, Disappointment, Frustration all part of life!

It’s a strange but wonderful world we live in, with the celebrations when good things happen, disappointments when things don’t go our way, and utter frustration and disgust when some things just don’t make any sense, and over which we have no control. 
Taking a look at a few recent happenings with which we are able to relate—
Disappointment—The Tri-City United Titan football squad was rolling along with a great season, anticipating more to come, until the Cannon Falls Bombers came to town for the first game of the section playoffs and brought that season to an end with a 29-26 upset. But what a great season it was—Sharing the Minnesota River Conference championship with Watertown-Mayer and Belle Plaine, while filling the stadium to overflowing on several occasions. Cannon Falls went on to defeat Plainview-Elgin-Millville in the semi-finals and will take on Rochester Lourdes for the section championship. Good luck to the Bombers, and once again, congrats Titans!
Celebration—For followers of sports and particularly fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, that was an impressive victory over the favored Nebraska Cornhuskers Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium. We have to believe that win was a real boost for coach Jerry Kill, who is battling epilepsy and saw the game from the coaches’ box up in the stadium. The assistant coaches, who no doubt are well prepared by coach Kill, deserve a huge pat on the back for that one!
Frustration—This one can be called frustration or disgust, whatever is more pleasing to the reader, and we are putting the MN Vikings and our United States Congress in the same category. The highly-paid Vikings continue to have disgusting failures on the football field, while our congressmen continue to do battle from behind the lines of their political parties, while supposedly representing all of us. The end result could be another government shutdown in the future, which benefits no one. A recent article in the Twin Cities media contained the following headline: “Battle lines being drawn for Kline (U.S. Rep. John) seat.” It almost sounds as if we should be more interested in the next election rather than what our representatives are actually doing for us. You be the judge—football players can be fired---how about congressmen?
• •• •
Veterans Day
With all foolishness aside, Monday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day. A day to remember and give thanks to the brave men and women who have made it possible for us to have our freedom — and criticize our all-stars and government leaders if we so choose!
• • • •
Only a Moment
Want to cheer someone up today? Try this little piece, written by Kay Hoffman, and see if it might put a smile on someone’s face.
It only takes a moment
to give a word of cheer,
to warm the heart of someone
whose skies are dark and drear.
It only takes a moment
to clasp another’s hand,
tell him you’d like to help,
you care and understand.
It only takes a moment,
and yet, in hurried pace,
we often neglect small kindnesses,
a frown upon our face.
Perhaps we have forgotten
when in our hour of need
how much it meant when others gave a kindly word or deed.
It only takes a moment
to breathe a little prayer,
asking God to bless His children 
in places everywhere.
These precious little moments
send winging far and near, like homing pigeons that will return
to bring our own heart cheer.
• • •
What is a home newspaper? It is a hometown institution which grows with you, prospers with you, grieves with you, rejoices with you. In short, a hometown newspaper is the history of the normal life of a normal community.

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