A clean start to a new year



I’m not one to put my trust in horoscopes. Partially because I think I must be under the most boring astrological sign in the universe… Capricorn. In my teens I would regularly read it to see what my up and coming future would bring. Would it be a sudden change in financial fortune? Romance? A mystery I would need to travel to China to solve? Nope. None of the above. I stopped reading my horoscope the day it said that I should be more introspective and clean out my closets. My Mom must be psychic because she had been telling me to do the same thing. The disappointment was about the same as receiving a toilet brush for Christmas.

But here I am in 2012 with all that behind me. I had put off writing this column for as long as possible, and since the world did not end on December 21 as many thought the ancient Mayans predicted, I’m on the hook for an early deadline. While I put no stock in the Mayan thing, it is the start of a new year so I thought I would look ahead and see what my horoscope reads for 2013. 

Remember, I told myself as I looked up a horoscope website, I am a Capricorn so don’t expect to read that I will experience an exciting, incredible life changing event that will, well, change my life. Or, that I will somehow win the PowerBall lottery without ever purchasing a ticket. After all, I’m not a Libra. 

As the page came up my expectations were not high, but just a little hopeful. I scrolled through all the symbols until I came to the Capricorn section. Taking a deep breath, I read my daily horoscope –– and I was intrigued. It read, “You can't put this off any longer -- you've got to deal with that one big issue that has been bothering you lately. Things are sure to improve once you start to make progress, though!” Somehow, whoever wrote it knew I’d been putting off writing this column for a week. And they were so right – I did feel a lot better.

So I read on, propelled by the spot-on assessment of my mental state. Clicking on my Extended Daily Horoscope, I had high hopes of a dream vacation in a far off land, or even just a peaceful afternoon to myself. They were quickly shattered, however, as I read the opening line. 

Was it déjà vu? Do they recycle horoscopes? It read (and I am not making this up): “Is a thorough house cleaning in order? You can see what needs to be fixed or changed right now, and you know you need to do it, so why not get to it?”

I guess you can’t fight karma, and mine, apparently, is to clean. Happy New Year, everyone! Have a happy, healthy 2013!