Congrats Class of ‘06

By Chuck Kajer

The Class of 2006 will march into the gym on Friday, capping a period in their lives when they learned so much about the world, and about themselves.

Their high school years have been a formative period. They learned to examine their values, make decisions based on those values and formed the foundation for their next step in life.

Some will be going to college or technical schools, hoping to learn, or at least decide on a career path. Many will find success, others will find roadblocks placed in front of them. How they meet the challenges ahead of them will determine their path in life.

High school graduation marks the end of one stage of growth and development, but it is called a commencement, because when they leave that gym, diplomas in hand, the Class of 2006 will begin a new period in life. This is a period when mom and dad aren't always going to be there for them as in the past. Most will move out of their homes and start school in the coming months, with no one to make sure they are going to class or doing their homework or making sure they eat right and have clean clothes to wear. Many 18-year-olds take things for granted. They are moving on to a stage in their lives when nothing can be taken for granted.

So much of what these young people will become will happen because they have grown up and attended school in the New Prague area. Their parents, families and teachers have done their best to prepare them for the world—The rest is up to them.

Congratulations, seniors, and good luck.

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