A cordial debate


Candidates from area Senate and House districts gathered in New Prague for an Ag Issues Debate Wednesday, Sept. 26 (see story, page 3). Judging by the tone of the discussion, candidates agree to a certain extent on the issues. All six candidates seemed to agree that farmers are good stewards of the land, that a good infrastructure is important and that regulations need to be based on commonsense ideas, and shouldn’t tie a farmer’s hands or make it difficult for him to do his job. In a way, that’s a good sign. The candidates all agree on certain things, the difference, though, is in how to best address the issues. Candidates on both sides got to use their parties’ talking points.... Republicans talked about less regulation and limited spending, while Democrats called for more spending and the need to balance spending cuts with taxes. At the end, candidates shook hands and answered some questions from people in the audience. It was a cordial exchange and all of the candidates presented their cases well. We are living in times where people feel passionately about the government in one way or another, and are increasingly vocal in their views. It was nice, though, for at least one evening, to have two sides find a basis for agreement and outline their views on how to address the needs of rural Minnesota. Thanks to the six candidates who took part in the debate. Their performance that night gives hope for the future. — Chuck Kajer

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