The Cornerstone of your Community

   You’ve heard it many times. We’ve heard it too. “Newspapers are a dying medium. The internet is where it’s at. No one takes the time to read the paper.”

   And there is no doubt that more people are getting their news online - especially breaking national news or big stories of statewide importance.

   But where would you go to learn more about what’s happening in your community? Imagine if, indeed, this newspaper was dying. Where are you going to go to find out what issues the city council is facing? Where would you go to learn about the successes of students in the community, and where will you find out about local clubs, organizations and sports teams?

   Yes, you could look up each group’s information on the internet. It might take a few minutes, though, to find the right website, then make sure that site has been updated. The scores from last week’s soccer or football game might be found somewhere on the web, and one of several good sites that cover high school sports. But where would you find the details? And how do you know the website or blog you’re reading on city government or the school board is giving you all of the facts and all sides of the story?

   No news organization can cover the community like your local newspaper. Unlike the daily newspapers, we are part of this community. We’re here every day and we cover the news every day.                

   We’re the place to find out about everything local - local elections, local school board decisions, local police reports, local news, local businesses, local sports, local organizations.

   And not only can you find us in print in your mailbox or on your doorstep each week, but you can also find us online!

   No, your community newspaper isn’t dying. In fact, we’re feeling pretty good, thank you. We’ve been around for years, and we plan to be part of this community for years to come.

   This is National Newspaper Week. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Newspapers: The Cornerstone of Your Community.” Celebrate with us!

—Chuck Kajer

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