Council reviews feasibility report for street work

By Patrick Fisher

The New Prague City Council reviewed a feasibility report for the 2005 Capital Improvement Reconstruction Project at its Monday meeting. The proposed project would cover five streets and an alley all located in the southeast portion of the community, at an estimated cost of $1.3 million.

The council’s consensus was to have more research done on the project, which was presented by Doug Parrott of Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc. (S.E.H.). The project would include the following areas:

—Central Avenue S from Main Street to Fifth Street SE

—The alley between Main Street and First Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

—First Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

—Second Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

—Third Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

—Fourth Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE.

Improvements to the streets would include sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, concrete curb and gutter, aggregate base, bituminous surfacing, concrete walks, retaining walls, turf restoration and miscellaneous items and utility service connections.

Parrott said water main lines in the area are undersize and should be upgraded to 8-inch lines. The project also calls for a new water main loop on Second Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE.

He said there is a problem with roots growing into the sanitary sewer lines, as well as mineral deposits at the joints of the pipes, which are made of clay. Parrott recommended that these be replaced.

He also recommended that the storm sewer lines be replaced since those are also clay and are in fair to poor condition. The storm sewers would be increased in size to allow for more drainage.

Parrott recommended a two-foot layer of sand be placed under the streets, due to a high moisture content in the area. He also alerted council members to the possibility there are old steam lines in the area, which contain asbestos. A bid for the safe removal of these lines would be included in the project.

Parrott said that there had been meetings between city staff, the council and residents of the area regarding sidewalks, and there was some disagreement over where sidewalks should be placed.

Parrott said one other concern was the condition of the brick building at Central and Main Street that houses Bargain Betty’s. He said the building is showing significant bowing along the west wall and the mortar is severely weathered and in need of tuckpointing. It was recommended that the building not be subjected to the vibrations that would be caused by the street work, since it could cause more damage. Parrott recommended that a building inspector look over the building and file a report with the city with recommendations.

Dennis Seurer, New Prague Public Works Director, said that the owner of the building, Randy Kubes, has been informed and is aware of the situation.

Memorial Park Master Plan

Councilmember Kay Wilcox presented the proposed plan for the redevelopment of Memorial Park, which is to be part of a referendum that will also include an athletic complex.

Wilcox said that the New Prague Park Board had discussed the plan and had decided to drop the part of the project that covered the east side of the park.

Part of the plan called for an arch leading into the park, with a bandshell that would have informal, portable seating. It was also proposed that there be a formal entrance to the park off of First Street with formal gardens and a recreation area. The work on Memorial Park would take place after the work on the proposed athletic complex.

Wilcox said that the park board was waiting for a new estimate on the cost for redeveloping the park, since the improvements on the east would not be done at this time.

While the council plans to include the park referendum on the November ballot, it is waiting for the final estimates for Memorial Park and the athletic complex before setting the amount.

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