County board approves additional ditch liens

Jake Keohen, Montgomery Messenger

The Le Sueur County Board approved three more ditch liens as recommended by County Auditor Ron Germscheid during the regular meeting held Tuesday, August 4.

Liens to eliminate debt from the ditch systems and provide funds for future expenses were approved for CD #46, 63 and 6, all located or beginning in Montgomery Township.

CD #46 - This system has a current debt of $12,305. Allowing $5,000 for future expenses, a lien of $17,600 will be due in five years at 4 percent interest. The last lien on the system was recorded in 2006.

CD #63 - With a debt of $5,800 and allowing $11,000 for future expenses, this system will have a five-year lien of $17,500 at 4 percent interest. The last lien was in 2006.

CD #6 - The previous lien against property owners benefitting from County Ditch #6 near Greenleaf Lake was in 2003. Current debt is $6,900, and with $17,000 allowed for future expenses, the total lien is $24,000, to be paid over seven years at 4 percent interest.

Germscheid said he will be bringing several additional lien recommendations to the board in the future to eliminate approximately $100,000 overall debt which has been paid by the county. Le Sueur County has approximately 90 ditch systems under its jurisdiction.

Also at Tuesday's meeting:

• Pat Nusbaum, clerk-administrator for the City of Elysian, appeared with other community representatives requesting use of golf carts on county roads in Elysian. She said the city council recently approved an ordinance relating to operation of motorized golf carts on public streets and roadways within the city limits of Elysian, and many people currently use carts for transportation in the area. The commissioners discussed the problems with permits for authorizing such operation and enforcement of violations, and will investigate the issue further prior to making a decision.

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