Do your homework!

By Chuck Kajer

The election season is moving along faster than usual this year, as filings for state and county offices have already been completed. Next week the period for absentee balloting for the August 10 primary election begins.

We've already started to see the first campaign commercials for the governor's race, along with the first complaints filed against candidates. This year's primary promises to be interesting because the D-F-L has three candidates running, the endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and two challengers, former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton and former legislator Matt Entenza. Both of those challengers plan to use a lot of money - much of it their own - in an attempt to convince voters that they are the better choice.

TV commercials can entertain, and they can even inform, but there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned research. Read about the candidates in your newspapers, look at their positions on the issues and then decide. Don't be swayed by flashy commercials and slogans.

In short, a good voter will do his homework, and not just vote for whatever or whomever is fashionable at the time.

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