Docks come out, just in time for the first snow

By Bill Bartusek Jr., Outdoors Columnist

A beautiful weekend turned into a blustery cold Sunday as the first snow of the season fell.

We arrived at the cabin early to some last minute fishing and then take the docks out. It was calm and fairly warm as we fished on Friday. Fishing was slow as we boated some nice pike and a few big bass.

On Saturday the wind picked up a bit and we dressed up in our waders to get the docks out. The water was low and we quickly finished putting the docks to rest on shore. Normally we wait until Sunday, but we decided to finish on Saturday.

Good thing we did.

The temperature started to drop Saturday night and the winds began to howl. The winds blew hard all night and were still gusting as we headed home Sunday afternoon. I was glad the work was done and the boat was safely in storage. On the other hand, I was sad the boating season was over.

The year also saw a big change in gas prices. Almost $4 a gallon for the high and down to $2.23 last Sunday in Elk River. With that behind me, I will turn to my second love, outdoor hunting. We will probably stay home for awhile and do a little pheasant hunting on the farm. Of course, right after that the deer hunt will begin on November 8. My hunt doesn't begin until November 22 in southeast Minnesota. My son Billy will hunt the first season at home on the farm. Joseph will be making a trip to Iowa to hunt some of their monster bucks.

Deer size looks good and I hope the boys do well. Joseph is one up on us as he arrowed a big buck near New Prague on Friday. He got the buck Friday right before dark. Early Saturday the boys returned to the sight to track and find the big buck. After a lot of tracking and suspense they located the buck. He had gone quite a distance before the boys caught up with him. I was getting a play-by-play on my cell phone until the boys found the big eight-pointer. I can't wait to see pictures of the big brute.

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