Duck hunters will see low numbers

By Bill Bartusek

As we get ready to close the door on September, duck hunters are getting ready to go.

The season opens Saturday with mixed enthusiasm. While some states seem to enjoy decent duck numbers, ducks here seem scarce.

With the loss of habitat, due to human encroachment, ducks haven't done well in Minnesota. They just don't do very well around humans, like deer, turkeys and geese. The recent drought experienced over most of the sate doesn't help either. Hunters who seek ducks along the Mississippi and western borders have done a little better. However, the central part of the state has been slow. With most potholes dry and few flooded fields, the outlook here in Minnesota is not good.

Things aren't going to get better quickly either. When I was a kid the ducks had big broods after the hatch. Now, I see geese with more young than the ducks. I have also noticed that area ponds are void of ducks. That tells me there aren't many ducks or the pond doesn't have what the ducks want.

There are a lot of questions I can't answer when it comes to ducks, because I don't duck hunt, I won't have to decide where to go.

Good Luck to those who are duck hunters.

Fall colors

On a brighter note the fall colors in the north are spectacular. What better way to enjoy the colors than from a boat while fishing. Of course, this is my opinion. Fall fishing is really starting to pick up. While many sportsmen are taking guns for the fall hunt, anglers still fishing will find little pressure from other boats. It's a great time to enjoy some of the best fishing of the open water season. Those are my plans for October. I will fish as much as I can until November. After that, I will pick up my gun and do some hunting.

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