Enjoy Dozinky

By Chuck Kajer

For 20 years, New Prague has come together to celebrate what is now known as the Dozinky Festival.

It's a celebration that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Over the years, it's become a town reunion, with many former residents coming back to renew acquaintances, see how the town has changed and have a taste of some of the good Czech foods they grew up on.

Dozinky is a chance to celebrate the harvest and the history of our city. While the city is beginning to take on more and more of the trappings of a suburb (Hey! We've got a McDonald's), as the community struggles to provide parks, schools and sewer service for a growing population, and as we deal with more and more traffic on our streets, this weekend gives New Prague residents a chance to remember the agricultural roots of the community. It gives those of us who grew up here the chance to reminisce a bit with old friends. It gives newcomers a chance to learn a little more about the community and what it has to offer. It gives people a chance to showcase their talents and abilities with Artist's Alley, the Variety Show, the Community Band, the Czech Singers, the Concertina Club, the high school polka band, the Domaci Dancers and more. It gives them a chance to renew their competitive spirit, with the softball and volleyball tournaments.

Dozinky gives people a chance to celebrate the city's Czech heritage, with the foods, the costumes, the music and the various exhibits.

So, whether you plan to watch the 400 classic automobiles that will cruise down Main Street on Friday night, play in the volleyball or softball tournaments, plant yourself in a lawnchair and watch the Parade of Farm Pride, sit near one of the many venues and enjoy old-time music, or stuff yourself silly with all the ethnic foods for sale on Main Street, we have just one word for you.


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