ENM Council discusses roads and water systems

Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

The Elko New Market City Council discussed roads and water systems during its Thursday, Oct. 25, meeting.

Rich Revering of Bolton & Menk, Inc., the city's engineering firm, presented for discussion phase two of the work on Scott County Road 2 and a water system interconnection project.

For the work on County Road 2, Revering listed improvements the city was considering when Scott County reconstructs the road, which goes through the downtown area of New Market.

The council could approve, disapprove or ask for more information on each of the items.

The council approved the majority of items, such as curb and gutter, driveways, parking lanes and sidewalks. There were a few particulars, such as relocating of overhead utilities along the county road, where more information was needed.

In other discussion items, Scott County wants to shave down a slight rise in the street by a maximum of three feet. During this work, the underpinnings or foundations for the liquor store at the corner of County Road 2 and Church Street would be exposed.

While the city is being asked to help pay for some parts of the project, city staff wanted input from the council about paying for work near the liquor store.

City Administrator Tom Terry said the county felt when the liquor store was built, owners knew the county road project was going to be done. The county said the store should have been built further back. Terry said while the liquor store was consistent with zoning at the time it was built, he is checking with past city officials about how far along plans for the road project were at that time.

The council's consensus was to have the county present a formal request concerning the underpinnings.

The council also discussed the reconstruction of Church Street and assessments for the work.

Water system

Revering presented a concept plan to the council which showed where the east and west well systems would be connected. The connection would allow the east side to assist the west side of the city if problems arose in that system.

The project would cost $200,000 to $225,000, with the money for the project coming from the 2007 water fund and possibly the 2008 budget. The city has a good chance of recovering the cost when commercial parcels along County Road 2 are developed.

Council member Carolyn Miller asked why the project was being considered now.

Council member Jason Ponsonby pointed out the water system on the west side went down three times last summer. The consensus of the council was to continue looking into this issue.

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