Fish continue to bite despite unstable weather

After a very dry spring, anglers are now facing wet and unstable weather. Despite the weather, fishing has continued to be very good over much of the state.

Fishing for panfish has been excellent. The spawn is done over much of the state and panfish are feeding to regain their lost weight. They have moved to the flats on bars on their way to their summer homes. Most of these fish are the males.

The females have already moved to deep water where they are recovering. Fishing in 4 to 6 feet of water produces all the panfish you want.

Bait isn't critical, as the fish seem to eat almost anything. However, leeches seem to produce the bigger fish.

Walleyes are still hitting very well on the big lakes in Minnesota. Lakes like Mille Lacs and Leech are still producing all kinds of action and many times people are getting their limits. The fish have left the shallows and are slowly heading for deeper water.

As always, the best fishing seems to take place right at dusk. The night fishing ban on Mille Lacs is over now so people can fish all night. Not a big deal because most of the fish being caught are taken well before the 10 p.m. ban.

Fishing at the cabin has been nothing less than fabulous. The panfish have been easy to find and catch.

Bass fishing has been pretty good, though it slowed down a bit this past week. The fish are on the move heading for their summer homes so locating them is a bit harder.

Walleyes have slowed a bit and they too have scattered into the weeds and deeper water. The weedlines are still not distinct so fishing them has been difficult.

Pike action is wild and the small pike seem to be everywhere. We've sure lost a lot of tackle from bite offs. I did manage to hook a large pike Saturday. After a good battle we slid the net under the monster. This fish was over 40 inches long and very close to 20 pounds. After pictures, she was released.

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