Flooding causes area damage

Heavy rain and storms early Saturday morning left behind localized flooding in Rice County, affecting many residents, businesses and travelers. According to Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn, within a few hours, five to eight inches of rain fell which caused substantial damage around the county. Northfield Fire and Rescue and the Sheriff’s Office assisted residents in evacuating their homes in Dundas, and a number of roads had to be barricaded due to being impassable. Dunn reported that some roads in the area were even washed out completely. 

Rice County Rd. 78 between Dundas and Northfield is pictured and is one of the areas that sustained significant damage. A large culvert collapsed when the entire roadway and earth below it washed away, along with a portion of a bike trail and Union Pacific railroad bed. In addition, a gas line and fiber optic communication lines were severed when the road washed out. The sheriff’s office reports that it is unknown at this time how long it will take to rebuild. (Lori Nickel Photo)