Furry, fuzzy and cute babies at TCU

Students from the Montgomery Elementary School get a chance to hold the baby chicks at the TCU FFA’s Baby Animal Day on Thursday, May 9. The students are (above, from left) Kurt Mackenthum, Rhia Krautk, Mikayla Marek, Isabella Halloway, and Mindy Fritz. (Wade Young Photo)

“I wish I could pet him more!” exclaimed second grader Jaxson Allen as he was holding a four-week-old black lab puppy at the Tri-City United Baby Animal Day on Thursday, May 9.

The annual event organized by TCU Future Farmers of America (FFA) brought a barnyard of baby animals to the TCU campus. According to FFA advisor Barry Schmidt, the animals came from local farmers, and included as many different kinds of baby animals as possible.
“We tried to get one of each animal,” he said.
The FFA group held the event in the Ag Shop of the former high school (now Montgomery Middle School). The animal selection included a pigeon, turkey, peacock, ferret, puppies, and kittens. 
A popular stop among the students who got to hold the baby animals was the crate that held just-hatched chicks. 
In addition to the traditional yellow chicks, students could also hold green and orange chicks too. Sarah Krocak, from Krocak Dairy Farms, explained that the chicks are born that way after dye is injected into the egg before they hatch. The color, however, doesn’t last, once the chick matures, she said.
FFA’s Baby Animal Day was held for all TCU’s elementary schools in Montgomery, Lonsdale and Le Center. In addition to holding the many baby animals, students were also treated to a hayride.