Here’s to 2013

New Year’s Day is a day of new beginnings. People across the country, and around the world, make resolutions in the hope that no matter how the previous year went, things in the new year will be better.

Of course, we know how many of those resolutions end up. They are discarded quickly, conveniently forgotten, disappearing as fast as the new days come in the new year.

Still, 2013, like each new year, gives us reason to hope. After all, we’ve made it through another year! We’re a year older… and a year wiser. There have got to be better days ahead.

So if you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and haven’t given up on them by the time you read this, congratulations! You’ve made it this far, you can do it. Whether you have resolved to lose weight, to save money, to be more devoted to your job, to your family or your faith, you have good intentions.

And if you have already failed on them, remember that there’s still hope. The new year has 365 days in it, and we’ve only been through a few of them. There’s still time to get back on track.

The year 2013 has many possibilities. What becomes of those possibilities is up to you.

So to all of those hoping to keep those resolutions, here’s to 2013... a new beginning,… the dawn of a new era… Here’s hoping that the coming year is prosperous for you, for your family, for the community and for the nation.

Happy New Year!

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