Hunters need to learn about rule changes

By Bill Bartusek

Even though July is almost over and it's still summer, fall hunting isn't that far away. It seems a bit early to think about hunting this fall, but we need to. There have been some changes in regulations for the fall hunt, especially the deer hunt. Hunters will need to read up on the new regulations, zones and licenses. The changes won't affect everyone as they have come in certain areas. Get a copy of the new regulation book and read up on the changes.

Fishing is changing a bit too. Anglers need to start thinking about bigger presentations for game fish. The young of the year have grown up significantly so predator fish are used to seeing bigger bait. As an angler I would think throwing bigger lures would be a smart move. Even our live bait could be larger. It is also going to be a lot warmer in the next few weeks. Anglers will find fish feeding for shorter periods of time. They will feed several times a day but for a shorter period.

Fishing at the cabin was still pretty good. We didn't catch as many fish but we caught some real big ones. I landed some nice pike and cranked up a walleye over seven pounds. We also hooked some pretty nice bass. Most of the fish came on large crankbaits. The sunfish definitely have made a move. They were not in their usual haunts as we found out. I will have to find them next weekend. They have either buried into the heavy weeds or headed for deep water. That's what makes fishing a challenge.

Wildlife is growing so quickly as the summer progresses. I've noticed the ducklings at the cabin are really getting big fast. So are the loons. They have doubled their size and are almost as big as their parents. We also had a visit by a young eagle that landed near a neighbor's dock. We were able to get within a few feet of the large bird for picture taking.

They sure are big when you get close to them.

Congratulations to Billy Bartusek and Brandon Palma of New Prague for winning the recent bass tournament on Lake Marion in Lakeville.

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