Hunters take the fields for deer and squirrel

By Bill Bartusek

Cloudy, humid weather with rain greeted deer hunters as they started the bow hunting season. Deer seemed to be moving so hunters should have had some success. That's usually the case. With lots of ground cover (since we haven't had a killer frost), crops are also a source of food and should pattern fairly well. After that, when harvest begins, deer will be in transition and hunters will have to make adjustments. Some bow hunters don't actually start to hunt until the crops start to come out. Although we've had a drought, recent rains have re-awakened the mosquitos again. Hunters will have to deal with them too.

Squirrels - small targets

Squirrel hunters were also in the woods this past weekend. The squirrel population is doing great, and hunting opportunities should have been good.

This is a great hunt to initiate young hunters. Squirrel hunting takes patience and well-placed shots at small targets. It is a slow-paced hunt, so the experienced hunter can teach the novice while they hunt.

Bigger fish starting to feed

The fishing has picked up with the cloudy weather. Feeding fish were fairly shallow because of the cloudy weather. It's obvious the bigger fish are starting to feed like they always do every fall... before winter sets in.

Most success, no matter what the species, is happening in the greenest weeds on the lake. With lakes still very low, recent rains should start to help. However, fish are still concentrated in smaller areas than is normally seen. Anglers have to search carefully so that they don't skip by a school of fish. I had great success this past weekend with bass and pike. Most of the fish were shallow, so my best baits were spinner baits and top water lures.

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