Hunting season begins, but fishing remains excellent

By Bill Bartusek

Lately the weather has been unstable and it will probably change before you read this article. We are just starting September and some of the trees are already changing colors signaling that fall is not very far away.

The first Minnesota dove hunt starts this week. Some people are glad while others are protesting. I may or may not decide to hunt them. I just haven't made my mind up yet.

The early goose season also opens. There are lots of geese as usual and hunters will see a good amount of success. The rules governing goose hunters have been changed, giving hunters a better chance to harvest more geese. Geese are still expanding in numbers and need to be controlled by selectively harvesting them. Hunters should do a lot better this year!

Fishing continues to be excellent as long as anglers remain versatile with the unstable weather. Things change on a daily basis. If you adjust your presentation to weather conditions you will catch fish.

My situation at the cabin with the otter is over. He started stealing my fish about a month ago. At first he opened the bottom of the basket, then the top. I finally got it closed good and he ate a hole right through the wire on the side. I didn't want to hurt him so I finally got a friend to build me a heavy duty fish box. Now he can't get in and steal my fish. So, last week he never showed up. I must say it was amusing to try to outsmart him. In a way he actually won the battle. Brenda says he has moved on to another poor angler’s fish basket somewhere else on the lake. I wish him luck.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!!

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