An issue full of celebrations


As we put together this week’s edition of the Montgomery Messenger, a theme was emerging loud and clear: It is an issue with a lot of celebrations.
For starters, we have a great story and photo that Lori did on the 100th birthday of Montgomery’s resident, Emma Pomije. This new centenarian had a birthday party for her at Traditions of Montgomery. Surrounded by family and friends, she shared memories and had some birthday cake. 
Of course, when it comes to treats, Emma is a kolacky-baker extraordinaire and her recipe has been featured in numerous Kolacky Days Souvenir Sections.
Another celebration in the paper this week comes in the form of the death of retired St. John Lutheran Church Pastor Alfred Koschade. I know we are not celebrating his death, but instead celebrate his life and everything he gave to the community in his 30+ years as pastor at our church.
Another celebration also comes in the success of the Setting the Table event held on Sunday, Jan. 13 at the American Legion Club. The event helped raise money for students attending the Steubenville event this summer in July in Rochester. From what Lori said, the Legion was packed with people and beautifully set/arranged tables. 
Another celebration came at the county board level on Tuesday. After years of arguing, fighting and practically begging, the official Le Sueur County Historical Society finally received its budgeted funding from the county. Of course, this came after a county judge declared this group to be the one and only official historical society. (Okay, so maybe not so much celebrating in the camp of the “other” historical society.)
I hope another celebration comes with the Tom Kocina benefit planned for Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Montgomery American Legion Club. The son of Ron and Kathy Kocina, Tom is a father to three young children, Brodey, 10, Tristin, 6, and Maleia, 4. He was injured in a motorcycle crash on August 7, and suffered a number of injuries. 
On a non-celebratory note, the Tri-City United School Board did not approve the Montgomery Messenger as the official newspaper for the school district. Last year, it approved both the Messenger and the Le Center Leader as official newspapers, but “to be fair” the board decided to start taking turns this year and only naming one newspaper. 
Unfortunately, the plan isn’t being “fair” to are the Montgomery and Lonsdale district residents. We are not celebrating, but I’m sure another newspaper group may be. So district residents in Montgomery and Lonsdale will no longer be able to read the minutes of school board meetings as published in the Montgomery Messenger and on its website. Instead they will be forced to navigate the school’s website to find them or pay to view them on other sites. This is not cause for celebration.

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