It’s getting busy around here

By Chuck Kajer

High school graduation time is approaching fast.

This is always a busy time of year in our business. Schools are winding down their activities, with a countless list of programs and awards being given out. We’ll be getting plenty of news releases from the area schools over the next few weeks. Some of them might not run right away, and we hope you’ll understand that we only have so much room in our school pages each week. We try to get things out as soon as we can, but sometimes things may take a week or three.

* * * * *

On top of the added workload the end of the school year brings at the paper, we have an added workload at home these days. We have a high school graduate this year. As any parent of a past graduate knows, among other things, that means cleaning the house and getting any remodeling projects done, before the “dreaded” graduation party.

If anyone had visited our home last week, they’d have thought they had entered a war zone. The reason: It was painting weekend.

Every shelf was cleared in our living room and kitchen areas. Every large piece of furniture had to be moved away from the wall, the floor along every wall was lined with paper.

I’ll be the first to credit my wife, Jenny, with taking the initiative for painting. She did the bulk of the painting, while I provided the muscle for moving the furniture and dusting some of the up-high surfaces.

On Saturday, we spent the morning hours preparing the living room and dining areas for painting, taking down all the curtains, moving the sofa away from the wall, taking nick-nacks off the shelves and removing paintings, mirrors and other decorations off the wall.

About 2:30 p.m. I had to run a few errands in the cities, taking a roundabout route that took me from Burnsville to St. Paul to Bloomington, back to Lakeville, then Apple Valley and back to Burnsville again. My last stop was to pick up supper, because it was already past 7 p.m. and I knew the natives would be getting hungry.

Andrew threw us a curve when he came home from a friend’s house about 8:30. He peeked in the living room window and no one except the dog saw him. The dog was happy to see him and came running toward the front door….right by where Jenny was painting.

Now, our dog, when it’s happy, doesn’t just wag its tail. The whole back part of its body sways from side to side and the sound of its tale hitting the walls can sound like a gunshot. In this case, it was the sound of the tail hitting the walls that were still wet with paint. Jenny told Andrew to get the dog away from the wall, and he did, into the hallway, where the now painted tail banged into the blue wallpaper, adding a few white streaks to it.

So on top of finishing the painting, two new tasks were added…washing the wallpaper and giving the dog a bath.

Some last minute painting on Sunday (along with lawn mowing and some overdue yard work) was followed by cleanup time, and somehow, by the end of the day, no one would have suspected the chaotic condition of the house only 24 hours earlier.

Still, it was nice to get back to work on Monday, where I could get some rest.

* * * * *

For those who might not have noticed, I have given up. It sounded like a good idea back in January, but due to lack of interest (and votes) we will be using a different method to determine our stories of the month. We will look at which stories have had the most hits on our web site to make that determination. We will use the results to determine what stories we will be covering in our Year-in-Review on December 29.

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