It's worth a try

By Chuck Kajer

After months, maybe even years of talk, a group has begun work in earnest to try to save the Novak barn.

For many years, the Novak farm served as a gateway to the community from the east. The large, brick barn and surrounding farm served as a landmark that caught the eye of many as they entered the community. Dr. E.E. Novak and the red poll cattle raised on that farm brought national attention to New Prague. Because of that historic significance, some people want to save the barn.

There is some debate, and some skepticism, as to whether an effort should be made to save the barn. For sure, it will take a lot of time, effort and money just to save and restore the structure. After that, there will be expenses to maintain and manage the building, and there is some question about the project's economic feasibility.

But we need to remember, we're talking history here. This community takes pride in its past and its tradition. The agricultural heritage of New Prague is celebrated each year in our Dozinky harvest festival.

The members of the group working to save this barn have their hearts in the right place. If this barn is going to be saved, it will be this group that makes it work. It will still take a lot of work and dedication. This is far from a done deal, and it will take some time to decide if their vision will take hold. Regardless,their efforts to preserve a part of this community's past are appreciated.

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