Just a cog in the machine

Sometimes working in this job, I get the feeling that I have to do everything.

It’s never been easy for me to delegate jobs that I’m used to doing. I know how something needs to be done, and I just go ahead and do it. It seems easier to me to just do it than to expect someone else to do it the way that I want it done.

So my expectation is that when I go on vacation, everyone scrambles around, not knowing what to do. I’m positive that everything will fall apart, that I’m going to get dozens of phone calls, and the paper will look horrible.

Last week, not only was I gone, but so was our production manager Dennis Lambrecht. With two of us out, I’m told it was a little hectic here on Tuesday when the paper is put together, but then, it usually is that way when I’m here as well. Everything fell into place and the paper made its way to press on time. I found a copy on my doorstep Wednesday evening, and for one of the few times each year, I opened up my copy of The New Prague Times without a clue as to what was in it.

I liked what I saw.

Every time I spend a week away from this place, not only do I get a chance to relax and refresh my batteries, but I also get a little humbled. I open up the paper and get reminded that I’m just one cog in a machine that works together to deliver the news to this community each week.

Someone else can write stories, someone else can go through all the news releases and decide what’s newsworthy, what’s urgent and what can wait a week. Someone else can go out and get a photo of an event, and someone else can edit copy and make decisions about where this should go in the paper.

My hat’s off to the rest of the crew here at Suel Printing Company. I’m proud to be part of a great team.

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