Parade & Fireworks was quite a show

Not to beat an old horse to death, but wasn’t the Montgomery Holiday Torchlight Parade & Fireworks quite a spectacle for the Kolacky Kapitol?

Everyone present, and we understand there were many visitors from throughout the area and beyond, among the large crowd in attendance had to be impressed with the entire program, which unfortunately was snowless, but was held prior to the arrival of the colder weather.
The colorful and holiday-spirited parade featured almost 50 units, which is probably as many or more than many communities have for their summer festivals.
The spectacular fireworks show, produced by the Pyro Guys of Belle Plaine (Union Hill), and supported by numerous donors, was great.
No intent here to downplay the previous programs when Mobilize was still involved, but the 2012 event was bigger and better because of the participation and support.
The volunteer committee members involved with putting the show together,  with sponsorship by the Montgomery Area Community Club, deserve our thanks and encouragement for a job well done!
Let’s hope we can look forward to another crowd-pleasing event in 2013. 
Always A Gopher
This guy has been, and probably always will be, a diehard fan of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, including all the sports and activities, regardless of overall success, final standings and titles.
We keep saying our day will come, and recent successes in some areas (football, basketball) are encouraging, including the football Gophers being invited to the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston. The Gophers will face the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Friday, Dec. 28. The bowl is a prime-time, national TV showcase in Reliant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Houston Texans and one-time host to a Super Bowl. Sports insiders always say that exposure in a bowl game in great for the program, and this program definitely needed a boost.
Speaking of Gophers football, we had the opportunity to attend the final regular season game against Michigan State, with suite seating provided by  Chuck “Corn” Rynda and Waste Management. It was quite a treat in the new stadium, highlighted by the color and enthusiasm of college football.
Some of us also took advantage of an invite to go down on the sidelines while the game was in progress. We were advised to stay in designated areas, and with the size of those guys crunchin’ each other in the game, that was not a problem.
Of course, some of the guys (anonymous), were hoping to have their pictures taken with one or more of the Gopher cheerleaders, while others were primarily interested in what was happening out on the field.
The Gophers lost that ball game, but all in all the entire day was a great experience for all of us.
Let’s hope the Gophers have a good game down in Houston. 
“Every hometown is ‘Our Town’. . good or bad . . clean or not the best . . growing or going to pot . . because we are a part of it and responsible for its success or failure .. . . . It is high time that we drop the ‘why don’t THEY do something’ and substitute ‘Why don’t WE do something’ . . for our town . . our state . . and nation.”
           —Author Unknown