Let’s Make New Year A Good Year!


The beginning of a New Year is here, and amidst all the superficial fanfare and shallow well-wishes and greetings, it might be appropriate to get right down to earth and seriously consider what we as individuals can do to make this a better world in which to live.

As an initial step, unified action will always reap some benefit. Sometimes that unity may be difficult to achieve, but many a mountain has been climbed which was once thought impossible.

Once we have the individuals combined into group unity, lets think about activating this force in our own community — in Montgomery, the Kolacky Capital, or wherever we are, or we wish to call it.

Most everyone seems to agree that unity, cooperation, unselfishness and perhaps pride are some of the qualities we all like to see, but at the same time no one seems to care about doing anything about it.

We have a fine community in Montgomery — everyone deep down will agree to that. There is also no doubt it is lacking in some ways and can be better, but in order for that to happen, the people — all of us, and that means the butcher, the baker, the whatever maker, must become active in the affairs of the community. Everyone must attempt to do their part if any improvements are to be realized long term.

Bringing about greater unity among all the people, or at least a greater majority of people, and this includes the organizations which sometimes seem to be ‘banging heads’ in their efforts to be successful, would be the greatest New Year happening in any community. And that goal may not be impossible. Common people, common goals, why not common effort?

Happy (unified) New Year to all!

• • •

The young lad who asked the local sage in a small town how he got his reputation for wisdom, in view of the fact that he never went to school, received this reply: “I guess they call me wise because I have good judgment. My good judgment is based upon experience, and I got my experience because of bad judgment.”

• • •

In Scotland, a new game was invented. It was entitled Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden . . . and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language.

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