Library ready for self pick-up

Adriayn Jabs, age 2 and-a-half, daughter of Andy and Sheunna Jabs of New Prague, uses the self checkout computer with some help from her mom (not pictured) at the New Prague Library. Self checkout and self pick-up of hold items are features the library offers to help its customers. (Patrick Fisher Photo)


The New Prague Library, 400 Main St E, is offering two items to help its patrons. Lori Weldon, branch manager of the library, explained there is the self pick-up of hold items and the self checkout of books.
The self pick-up began recently and is located near the front of the library. The area is marked, and patrons can find the book on hold, as it will have a slip of paper in it listing the person’s last four digits of their library card and the first three letters of their name.
"All of the Scott County libraries are doing it now," said Weldon.
This way, if the library is busy, a person doesn’t have to wait in line and ask for his or her item on hold. Weldon said it is quicker and more convenient for the customers.
If someone does try to check out a hold item, librarians will explain it is already reserved, but they can put the person’s name on the hold list.
"It started a week ago and people have been getting the hang of it rather quickly," said Weldon. "They’ve also said they like it."
After picking up their book, a person can turn right around and self checkout their novel. There are two computers where a patron can place their library card under a scanner, followed by the items they are checking out, and a click on the computer and a receipt will print out listing when the books have to be back.
"Kids love it," said Weldon. "There are adults who like it too."
The library has had the self checkout for two years. It helps make things go quicker at the library. Weldon said it especially helped in the summer when some days they had almost 500 people in the library.