Lonsdale council responds to letter criticizing city decisions

Lori Nickel, Montgomery Messenger

In response to a letter published in area newspapers that criticized the city’s use of tax payer dollars, Lonsdale Mayor Tim Rud read a prepared statement at the Lonsdale City council meeting Thursday, May 25.

Rud pointed out that in contrast to what was printed, the city-owned liquor store helps to lower taxes because of the revenue it generates. He went on to explain that, “the liquor store paid for many overlays for the roads as well as helped fund the Jaycee’s park.” He added that the new liquor store is projected to increase city profits and lower taxes, while controlling the sale and use of alcohol.

The city hold a public meeting June 22 at 7 p.m. to answer questions and provide information about the proposed liquor store. The place for the meeting is yet to be announced.

“I’ve had a lot of comments about that letter,” Rud stated, “and the community needs to know the facts, and not buy into incorrect statements.”

Drainage problem ended

Old business on the agenda included the drainage project needed on the Heritage Estates, Third Addition.

In previous meetings it was discussed the drainage project has been needed for several years, but has never been corrected because of confusion over who is responsible.

To end the problem, the city agreed to contract the installation of drain tile in the area to ease the collection of water.

“Because we are doing this project,” Councilman Dave Dols said, “does not prove the city is liable for this problem. We do not know if it was a developer problem or if the problem pre-existed.”

The city council agreed that a document stating just that should be drawn up and signed by all affected residents of the problem. The city council also agreed that the city would not be responsible for maintenance and repairs in the future.

Joe Kodada, owner of Joe Kodada Construction, spoke to the council about his concerns involving his property affected by the project. He refused to sign a right of entry agreement with the city, stating that it has never been proven to be the city’s fault for the problem and he didn’t believe the city should be paying to correct it.

Gary Skluzacek who lives in the affected area, responded that the city signed a motion seven years ago agreeing to maintain the area causing the flooding.

In the end, the city council remained committed to their original decision to correct the drainage problem in Heritage Estates with construction to begin immediately. Costs for the project total $13,820.84.

More city parks are on the way

Excavation for both the Rayann Acres Park and Bastyr Park was approved. Simon Excavating will begin Tuesday to prepare the site, work on drainage and install sidewalks in both parks before the playground equipment is constructed in July.

City Administrator Joel Erickson stated that both parks would be completed and ready for use in mid-July.

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