LS County Board hears effects of unallotment

Jake Keohen, Montgomery Messenger

The term unallotment has been tossed around frequently in the media in recent weeks, and on Tuesday the Le Sueur County Board of Commissioners heard first-hand what the word might mean in dollars and cents.

Appearing at the June 23 county board meeting, County Auditor Ron Germscheid provided a brief update on funding which he anticipates will 'not' be coming out of St. Paul for 2009 and 2010, including the previous unallotment in 2008.

Germscheid said figures coming from the Minnesota Revenue Department indicate the program aid reduction withheld in December 2008 was $215,029, which the county was able to cover with reserve funds. The anticipated reduction in July 2009 is $161,706, to be covered by reserves and budget cuts. The real jolt comes in 2010, when the anticipated program aid unallotment could be $328,313, which the auditor said must be handled by budget adjustments.

The three-year unallotment total in program aid comes to a staggering $705,048.

In addition to these reductions, Germscheid said human services will be taking a hit of $90,250 in 2009 and $119,101 in 2010. The problem in that department is that many human services programs are mandated by the state without proper funding.

We are being hit hard

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