Meat market without slaughtering service gets go-ahead

Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

At its Monday meeting, the New Prague City Council unanimously approved a request allowing a meat market in town, but no slaughtering will be allowed at the market.

Mayor W.A. Bink Bender said the council had to make an official decision - approving or denying the request - after three earlier attempts to take action on the issue.

Eric Skluzacek is proposing the business to be located at 400 West Main St. He would rent the property from Randy Kubes.

Kubes presented a petition that had been given to him prior to the meeting. With 200 signatures, it had been initiated by residents in favor of the market.

He asked the council to reconsider allowing on-site slaughtering, which would be safe, easily done and humane.

Both Kubes and Skluzacek agreed that if the council decided not to allow on-site slaughtering, they could abide by that decision.

The council reviewed three options. The first was to OK the meat market with on-site slaughtering; the second was to give the go-ahead for the meat market with meat processing but no slaughtering; and the third was to deny the request completely.

Councilmember Jim Kratochvil said he still favored the first option and presented it for a vote with a second from Councilmember Duane Jirik. It failed 3-2.

Councilmember Kay Wilcox offered the second option, which contained 11 conditions. One of these conditions dealt with the height of the smokestack of the business. The council agreed any smokestack for the smoking of meat within the building shall be extended 3 feet higher than any building roofline located within a 300-foot radius of the property.

The council approved the second option.

Civil penalties for

liquor violations

Police Chief Mark Vosejpka presented for discussion the possibility of civil penalties for liquor law violations. The council asked Vosejpka to check on what other communities do about businesses with violations. Vosejpka found that each council decides the civil penalties, which are levied against the owner of the business and who would have a right to appeal.

Examples from several communities were included, which outline a progressive system of penalties. Nearly all have a minimum of a $500 fine for the first violation, and amounts increase in severity for repeated offenses. Among the penalties were suspension of a liquor license for five to 14 days and revocation of the license by the fourth or fifth offense.

Councilmember Jennifer Flicek said if the council were to adopt a similar system, nearly all of the establishments in New Prague would already have one offense.

It would be a huge deterrent; a simple mistake could cause them problems

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