Montgomery has own Vulcan

The Vulcans are well-known in many parades as the fun-loving, red running suit members of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Vulcan Krewe who leave their mark on parade watchers with "V" on the cheek or forehead.
This year, Montgomery has a personal connection to the Vulcan Krewe with Ron Pomije who is serving as the Krewe’s “General Flameous”. 
Pomije and his group of Vulcans appeared in Sunday’s Grand Day Parade, followed by appearances at Memorial Park. Pomije explained that he received his title at this year’s St. Paul Winter Carnival after a hand-selection application and interview process. 
He has described his year so far as “great”, and said he has only missed one event since the Carnival. 
Pomije said because Montgomery had a member of the Krewe, the Vulcan Royal Family attended two nights of Kolacky Days events, instead of just the parade on Sunday. 
His connection also brought several members of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royalty to the Grand Day Parade on Sunday.
He said Montgomery’s hospitality and friendliness made Kolacky Days stand out above the rest of the festivals the group has attended. 
“Of all the parades we go to, Montgomery treats use the best,” Pomije said.  
He added that it is unbelievable what the Vulcan group does for the community. 
“It’s about doing a lot of great things for charities,” he said. 
Vulcan history
The Saint Paul Winter Carnival began in 1886. That year the first Fire King was a part of the Winter Celebration. Since 1886, approximately 400 people have officially worn the Vulcan Running Suit, proudly representing the Vulcans of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Presently the Fire & Brimstone organization has more than 250 active former Fire King’s and Krewe members.
Knighting ceremony
The Knighting Ceremony has been around for almost 60 years. Every year, the Fire King knights hundreds of lucky individuals who are singled out because of their contribution to community.
A knighting certificate consists of a “title” bestowed and a certificate being presented. At Kolacky Days, Ken Pavek, Lloyd Wiechmann, Rick Sembauer, and Jeff Schaak were knighted for their contributions to Montgomery.

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