New Year’s Resolutions are nothing to fear

By Chuck Kajer

It seems that many people try to avoid New Year’s resolutions. They’re afraid of making the commitment to do something. Some people joke that their New Year’s resolution is not to make a New Year’s resolution.

I’m trying a different tactic this year. I’m going to make as many resolutions as possible. I resolve to lose weight, read more, get a good night’s sleep, stop procrastinating, exercise more, lower my cholesterol, be a better husband and parent, eat a more healthful diet and be kinder to others.

These are all admirable goals. And at one time or another, I’ve been committed to each and every one of these in the past year. My attention span, however, is limited and I tend to move on to another self-improvement project before the last one is done.

The way I see it, the more resolutions I make, the greater the chance is that I’ll find one that I can actually stick to and accomplish.

If I resolve to be a better editor and supervisor at work, if I determine that I can do a better job of keeping my little corner of the office—my desk, in order, and if I resolve to get those stories written well ahead of deadline, chances are I’m going to find some improvement somewhere in my work life.

So I’ve taken care of my personal life and my professional life. Still, I’ve got so much more I can accomplish. As a parent, it’s my responsibility to set a good example for my kids, so I’m going to make some resolutions for them.

I resolve that homework will get done on time, money won’t be wasted, show more respect to parents and all chores will be done before computer time and video games… Well, resolutions need to be realistic, so maybe I’ll skip the last one.

And while I’m at it, I’m sure my wife would appreciate if I set some resolutions for her… Wait, one of my resolutions was to be a better husband. In order to do that, I have to stay married, so I’ll skip that one.

Maybe I should just scrap all those resolutions and keep things simple.

I resolve that my columns will be done ahead of deadline, so they’re more enjoyable to read, and I’m not just trying to fill whatever space is left on this page.

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