Newspapers and books

By Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

Two recent, and vastly different events I covered showed the importance of newspapers.

One was a public hearing at the New Prague Planning and Zoning Commission and the other was Ladies Night Out. During both a person was asked how they found out about the events, they replied they read about it in the newspaper. Considering this is National Newspaper Week, it's good to know that people are still getting information from their local papers.

In the nearly 14 years I've been involved in the business, I've seen quite a few changes. Like any organization today, computers have become a large part of how the work is done. Stories are typed into computers and the layout and design of the paper is done on one. Photography is now done almost exclusively with digital cameras. When I started most papers were still using film.

The Times, like most newspapers has a presence on the internet. Stories and photos can be found at its website, Some happenings like sporting events and the choosing of the Homecoming King and Queen are posted within a few hours.

While papers are changing, they still hold a place in the world. They provide wide ranging information, from actions of various government bodies to upcoming celebrations to articles that get people interested in helping others or their community.


Last week was Banned Book Week, a weeklong program when libraries and book stores feature books that have been banned for one reason or another.

The banning, or destruction of books isn't new. People have been trying to get rid of books or literature they find unsuitable or hold revolutionary ideas for centuries. In what is now the Czech Republic, the Holy Roman Empire destroyed literature and historical documents because it was believed there was language in them against the government and the church.

While we still have people who want books removed for various reasons, thankfully we have just as many people who demand they stay where everyone can read them.

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