No one’s a winner

Over the course of the last three weeks we’ve been hearing about who’s winning and who’s losing in the battle over the federal budget. Pundits on the left are saying that the public is turning against the Republicans for forcing the shutdown of the federal government. Commentary from the right places the blame squarely on President Obama and the Democrats, and say they are going to come out the losers. It seems winning and losing have become more important to these politicians than legislating. We hear that Republicans are trying to find a way to save face because they won’t be able to achieve their main objective of delaying the Affordable Care Act. At the same time, the President holds firm to his positions, not wanting to look weak to the Republican Congress. We’ve gotten where we are because neither side is willing to give an inch as a sign of weakness. And the extremists on both sides encourage this behavior. That means neither side has been able to produce a leader who will step up and work with the other side. When someone does step forward, he is branded a traitor by the far left or the hard right. It shouldn’t be about winning and losing. Our political system is broke. Republicans and Democrats alike seem to think that negotiating and compromising is a sign of weakness. In reality, it is what has made our nation strong throughout its history. We need people who will lead the charge and make sure that there is only one winner... And that winner should not be the Democrats or the Republicans, but the American people.

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