NPHS is building on a century of excellence

By Tom Doig, Principal

New Prague High School

The 2005-2006 school year will be an exciting time for the class of 2006 and New Prague High School.

In 1905, New Prague High School became an accredited state high school. The graduating class of 2006 will be the one hundredth graduating class of New Prague High School. Four students made up that first graduating class during the 1906-07 school year, and New Prague High School has continued to provide educational excellence since that first class. During the course of the school year, we will be putting together various activities to celebrate the 100th graduating class.

We will also continue to move forward with other initiatives we have been working on to improve our delivery of instruction at the high school. Technology advancements, sustained silent reading, mentor/mentee program, staff development program, new class offerings, Northwest Evaluation Assessment, and department collaboration are a few of the building goals we have adopted.

Technology equipment purchased this summer will allow our teachers and students to have access to computers in the classroom with the purchase of two portable mobile labs. The two mobile labs house 15 computers each and are capable of being moved anywhere in the building for students to access. This is the first chance for our high school students to have computers in their classroom. Other technology offerings include teacher web sites with various information for students and parents, as well as parent access to student grades beginning in the second trimester.

Sustained silent reading, teacher mentor/mentee program, and staff development are areas we will continue to improve on with the assistance of the teachers and our support staff. NWEA is an assessment tool that will allow teachers instant feedback on student performance and level.

Department collaboration is a program to allow teachers the opportunity to get together and work on various educational strategies to improve teaching and learning in the high school. On three separate occasions, teachers will work together on developing curriculum, common assessments, and other teaching and education strategies to help students to achieve at higher levels.

Teachers will be provided time on September 15, December 15, and March 16 from 7-7:50 a.m. Students may report to school at the normal time and will be supervised by other staff and administration and have access to computer labs and other areas within the building. Students may choose to come to school at 7:45 on those three days. There will also be district late starts on October 5 and March 29. On those days, school will begin at 9:35 a.m. with buses running on a late schedule.

We can’t forget to mention new staff that will be in the high school providing excellent education opportunities for our students. The new staff includes Aaron Jasperson, Business; Matt Duoos, Math; Andrew Bernard, Math; Jessica Stricker, Language Arts; Tom Wetschka, Language Arts; Ryan Uttech, Choir; Barb Cihak, Special Education; and Sarah Kroneberger, Spanish and ESL.

Also returning to the high school will be Tom Hudspeth in Special Education and Jeff Gravon in Physical Education. Lisa Giesen will be the new secretary in the counselor’s office. Mark Pexa also became a part of the high school staff last spring in our technology department. Our new chemical health coordinator will be Jeff Clover. We look forward to having them become a part of our educational team.

Finally, we are excited and look forward to the 2005-06 school year. Great students, supportive parents and community, and awesome teachers are the ingredients to take us into the next 100 years of excellence in education in New Prague Area Schools.

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