Out in the cold

It’s hard to believe but the long winter months are upon us. I shiver at the thought of -40 winds and slick, icy roads. As winter approaches I’m reminded on a regular basis of my mishap a few years back when I rolled my car on Boulevard Avenue due to icy, rutted roads. While it was embarrassing, I’ll never forget just how fast help arrived. Within seconds, friendly strangers stopped to see if I was okay, and Police Chief Schmidt was there to lift me up and out of my passenger’s side door. Thanks to them, and a tow truck, I was back on the snowy roads in no time.

So you can see where my anxiety over winter comes from. And the cold came on so fast this year! My mums are still (sort-of) blooming.  

Now that snow is in the forecast, and to help with my nervousness about this oh-so-long season, I put together the checklist below that shows I’m easing into whatever Old Man Winter has in store.  


You know you’re ready for winter when: 

• All flip-flops and swimsuits are out of sight, out of mind.

• You know where your mittens are at all times.

• You found your snow scraper and it is in your car when you need it.

• You’ll tune into any television show or article with the buzz words “Kardashian”, “Reality” or “Award” in them.  

• Every snowflake and wind-chill whispers “hockey” to you.

• You crave Cream of Noodle hotdish, Cream of Potato hotdish, Cream of (fill in the blank) hotdish –– you get the idea.  

• You welcome the snow since it covers all the leaves left in the yard.

• You expect night to fall as soon as lunch is over.

• Your scarves are so thick and heavy they look like neck braces— which is considered highly fashionable. 


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