Preparing for more Dozinky memories

Another Dozinky, New Prague’s Czech Harvest Festival, is right around the corner. This is the 29th year of the annual celebration and my 14th year of living in New Prague and working for The Times. I have many memories from those past festivals.

I still remember the first year I was involved in Dozinky. It was a warm day filled with sunshine. Warm enough for short pants and a short sleeve shirt, but not hot. It was a busy day, but there was enough time that I could sit down and talk with a few people.

Monday was also busy as we were still using film and I had to take time to develop it, look through the negatives and find photos that could be used. One of the advantages of digital cameras is that we can now immediately look at the photos and find one for use far more quickly.

One aspect of Dozinky is that there are several traditions wrapped up in it. Among them, is that families will have reunions or New Prague High School alumni will have gatherings of the various graduating classes. For me, something of a tradition is to stop by Patty’s Place near the end of the day, order a large Chai tea, put up my feet and take a breather. It’s a nice way to relax, perhaps visit with people and recharge my batteries. A little while after that I’m usually, off to the Roundbank Dozinky Variety Show.

In my 14 years in New Prague, I’ve only missed covering Dozinky weekend once, as I was attending a family celebration. The tables are reversed at this year’s Dozinky. I’ll have family visiting. This will be the first time my family will be here for Dozinky and see first hand what the celebration is like. As one friend put it, this will be their first time to see me in action. We’ll definitely have enough places to see entertainment and get something to eat. There will likely be quite a few memories stemming from this weekend.

Business Preparations People and businesses have been preparing for Dozinky. One of the most visible is that several businesses on the south side of Main Street are sporting a new coat of paint.

In other news, two businesses recently relocated. The shop cranky Alice has moved into one of the store fronts at 105 Main St. W. Another business that recently relocated is ID Threadz. The shop has moved into 816 First St. SE in East Town Plaza.

Story update Last week The Times had a story about an international trade team from Taiwan visiting the Phil and Sue Meyer farm west of New Prague. The tour was part of an effort to gain business from Taiwan for the state.

The same week of the tour, Gov. Mark Dayton and Taiwanese trade officials and business leaders signed letters of intent. Taiwan will purchase up to $3.5 billion of American corn and soybeans in 2014 and 2015. This includes the purchase of between 92 million and 99 million bushels of U.S. soybeans valued at an estimated $1.68 billion.

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