Protect your pet from winter's woes

By Lisa Wann

Lake Region LIFE/Elysian Enterprise

The winter months can pose a number of expected and unexpected health threats to pets, ranging from frigid temperatures to holiday treats and the seemingly harmless salt that is scattered on sidewalks. Here are some tips to keep your pet protected from winter’s woes.

— Seconds, please - Well-nourished pets, particularly those housed outdoors, are better prepared to withstand the rigors of winter. Outdoor pets normally need more food to generate enough energy to cope with the cold.

— Drink up -- It is important to keep sufficient amounts of fresh water for your pet to prevent dehydration and urinary tract problems. Offer your pet fresh water several times a day. Electrically heated water bowls are available and highly recommended.

— Scat cat -- Before starting your car on cold days, honk the horn or bang on the hood to scare away any cat that may be hiding in the warm engine compartment.

— The good of grooming -- Don’t neglect pet grooming in the winter. According to Ann Madden, owner of The Canine Cleaners in Waterville, the fall and winter season is when proper grooming is the most important.

All dogs should be groomed regularly all winter long

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