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Notice is hereby given that the regular scheduled New Prague Park Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2005 has been cancelled and rescheduled to Tuesday May 17, 2005 at 5:30 P.M.

The reason for rescheduling the meeting is to allow for the opening of Playground Equipment Bids prior to the meeting.

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13D, let this notice hereof be given that a public meeting will be held at its rescheduled time.

Ken Ondich

City Planner

(Published in The New Prague Times, Thursdays, April 28 and May 5, 2005; No. T538-5-5)





TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the New Prague city council will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 16, 2005, at New Prague City Hall to consider, and possibly adopt, the proposed assessment for the 2005 Capital Improvement Reconstruct Project, which includes improvements on the following streets:

• Central Avenue S from Main Street to Fifth Street SE

• Alley between Main Street and First Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

• First Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

• Second Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

• Third Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

• Fourth Street SE from Central Avenue S to First Avenue SE

by construction of sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer services, water main, water services, storm sewer, concrete curb and gutter, aggregate base, bituminous surfacing, concrete walks, retaining wall, turf restoration, and miscellaneous items required to properly complete the improvements. Adoption by the council of the proposed assessment may occur at the hearing. The area proposed to be assessed for such improvements includes properties abutting such improvements.

Such assessment is proposed to be payable in equal annual installments extending over a period of 10 years, the first of the installments to be payable on or before the first Monday in January 2006, and will bear interest at a rate of 5.00 percent per annum from the date of the adoption of the assessment resolution. To the first installment shall be added interest on the entire assessment from the date of the assessment resolution until December 31, 2006. To each subsequent installment when due shall be added interest for one year on all unpaid installments.

You may at any time prior to certification of the assessment to the county auditor, pay the entire assessment on such property to the city administrator. No interest shall be charged if the entire assessment is paid within 30 days from the adoption of this assessment. You may at any time thereafter, pay to the city administrator the entire amount of the assessment remaining unpaid, with interest accrued to December 31 of the year in which such payment is made. Such payment must be made before November 15 or interest will be charged through December 31 of the succeeding year. If you decide not to prepay the assessment before the date given above the rate of interest that will apply is 5.00 percent per year. The right to partially prepay the assessment is available.

The proposed assessment roll is on file for public inspection at the city administrator’s office. The total amount of the proposed assessment is $374,904.98. Written or oral objections will be considered at the meeting. No appeal may be taken as to the amount of an assessment unless a written objection signed by the affected property owner is filed with the City Administrator prior to the assessment hearing or presented to the presiding officer at the hearing. The council may upon such notice consider any objection to the amount of a proposed individual assessment at an adjourned meeting upon such further notice to the affected property owners as it deems advisable.

If an assessment is contested or there is an adjourned hearing, the following procedure will be followed:

1. The city will present its case first by calling witnesses who may testify by narrative or by examination, and by the introduction of exhibits. After each witness has testified, the contesting party will be allowed to ask questions. This procedure will be repeated with each witness until neither side has further questions.

2. After the city has presented all its evidence, the objector may call witnesses or present such testimony as the objector desires. The same procedure for questioning of the city's witnesses will be followed with the objector’s witnesses.

3. The objector may be represented by counsel.

4. Minnesota rules of evidence will not be strictly applied; however, they may be considered and argued to the council as to the weight of items of evidence or testimony presented to the council.

5. The entire proceedings will be tape-recorded (video-taped).

6. At the close of presentation of evidence, the objector may make a final presentation to the council based on the evidence and the law. No new evidence may be presented at this point.

7. The council may adopt the proposed assessment at the hearing.

Under Minn. Stat. §§ 435.193 to 435.195, the council may, in its discretion, defer the payment of this special assessment for any homestead property owned by a person 65 years of age or older for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments. When deferment of the special assessment has been granted and is terminated for any reason provided in that law, all amounts accumulated plus applicable interest become due. Any assessed property owner meeting the requirements of this law and the policy adopted under it may, within 30 days of the confirmation of the assessment, apply to the city administrator for the prescribed form for such deferral of payment of this special assessment on their property.

An owner may appeal an assessment to district court pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 429.081 by serving notice of the appeal upon the mayor and city administrator of the city within 30 days after the adoption of the assessment and filing such notice with the district court within ten days after service upon the mayor or clerk.

Jerome Bohnsack

City Administrator

(Published in The New Prague Times, Thursdays, April 28 and May 5, 2005; No. T541-5-05)


Official Minutes . . .Minnesota River Valley Special Education Cooperative

Minutes of the Regular Governing Board Meeting

March 16, 2005

at the River Valley Education Center,

211 County Rd. 37, jordan, MN

Members Present: Susan Bruns, Bill Boyle, James Donna, & Steve Schneider. Others present: Dr. Lezlie Prettyman Olson, Director; S. Delebo, B. Bahnson, S. Stack, J. Smith & C. Trosen, Coordinators; S. Linn, Business Manager; B. Schoenecker, HR; T. Schoenbauer, Board Secretary; Jon McBroom, Superintendent; and Glen Helgeson.


Chairperson Bruns called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Motion Donna, second Boyle to approve the agenda. Motion carried 4-0.



A. Omnibus Motion Schneider, second Donna:

1. Approve the minutes for the February 16, 2005 meeting.

2. Approve the monthly bills for February 2005.

3. Approve the resignation of Justin Halstead and termination of position for Judy DeWeese.

4. Approved the employee changes for: S. Eickholt & D. Guetersloh

5. Approved the hiring of: Lora Ray

6. Approved the lane change for: Mary Pat Derner

7. Approved the new unbudgeted positions:

Motion carried 4-0.

B. Motion Donna, second Schneider to approve new unbudgeted positions: increase hours for tech support; add days for school psychologist; Belle Plaine ECSE PSA; Oakridge Elem Lifeskills PSA.

Motion carried 4-0.


Music Therapist Glen Helgeson gave a presentation on Music Therapy services.


A. Business Manager Linn presented the Summary of Cash Receipts & disbursements for February ‘05.

B. Motion Donna, second Schneider to accept with gratitude donations from Jean Kes a compact fold and positioning wheelchair valued at $1,000; from Mike and Kim Pellicci shelving for Prior Lake ECSE I Program valued at $254.79; from the following for MRVSEC Staff Recognition—Bowler Appraisals $25.00, Lezlie Prettyman Olson $100.00, Scott-LeSueur County American Dairy Assn. $200.00, and from AmericInn in New Prague one night valued at $100.00. Motion carried 4-0.

C-I. Business Manager Linn reported on one-to-one tuition rates, combined tuition rates, 2004-05 budget adjustment, budget process for 2005-06, core and lease formulas, and quarterly business manager meetings. Item G. Competitive Analysis was not ready for this meeting.


A10. Barb Schoenecker shared information on the work of the Labor Management Common Language Subcommittee.

B1. Dr. Lezlie Prettyman Olson reported space needs for 2005-06.

C. Policy committee formed of S. Bruns, L. Olson, and J. Donna.


At 9:00 p.m. Motion Donna, second Boyle to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0.

Terrie Schoenbauer for Bill Boyle, Governing Board Clerk

(Published in The New Prague Times, Thursday, May 5, 2005; No.T545-5-5)



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(Published in The New Prague Times, Thursday, May 5, 2005; No.T546-5-05)


School District No. 721

Summary of School Board Meeting April 25, 2005

In order to enhance the timelines of reporting happenings at school board meetings, we have changed to summation reporting. These summations will be printed in the newspaper the same week as the board meeting is held. Should you wish to view the minutes in their entirety, contact the District Office.

The regular meeting of the New Prague Area Schools was called to order at 7:00 pm on April 25, 2005. All members were present. The school board approved the agenda. Approval of all items on the consent agenda was unanimous. In Action, the board tabled the reinstatement of the Hockey Cooperative requesting the superintendent to bring to the next meeting a summary from Dave Stead of the Minnesota State High School League and to include the names of the students from Montgomery/Lonsdale in the motion. Approval of the last day for seniors in 2005-2006 as May 25, 2006 and June 1, 2007 for the 2006-2007 school year. Committee Items included a construction update by KKE Architects and AMCON Construction as part of the Review and Evaluation Sub-Committee report. Areas of the 2005-2006 Budget were presented for reviewal, specifically; goals and program focus, multiple year revenue summary as well as per pupil analysis, fund balance projections, overview of total revenue and expenditures leading to the building allocations, and a detail expenditure comparison over multiple years using allocation categories. Presentations by Principals and staff from the Intermediate and Primary School were given on present school data and the focus of the buildings for the coming school year. Strategic Leadership reported on the NSBA Conference that they attended. Dennis Havlicek, MRVSEC Representative discussed the recent MRVSEC Board meeting that discussed the budget and district superintendent involvement. Policy and Philosophy reported on the recent Legislative Dinner that was held in Le Center and are following proceedings in the legislature. Dates for negotiations were given and a request for a special closed session meeting was set for May 2, 2005 for purposes of negotiations discussion. Dates to note were noted. Graduation was discussed and representatives from the school board will be in attendance at the ceremony. The board rose and immediately acted on allowing the expenditure of 10% of the estimated revenues. Meeting was adjourned at 10:03 PM.

(Published in The New Prague Times, Thursday, May 5, 2005; No.T547-5-05)


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