Rain will help lake levels

By Bill Bartusek

We were dry in many areas going into the weekend, but that sure has changed. In areas around here the rain was substantial. It came too hard and too fast but it will help area lake levels before winter comes and that is a good thing.

Back here we are in the second week of the bowhunt for deer. I visited with a friend that bowhunts a lot. He has seen three bucks pretty regular. A small basket, six pointer, and very respectable eight point which offered an easy shot the first weekend. He decided to pass on the eight because the third buck is a great big 10 points. That's the one he'll harvest if he gets a chance. Otherwise, he'll harvest a doe for the freezer. He says the hunt will start to change soon. Right now the bucks are still traveling together. Harvest is starting and that will affect their daily routes. Also, they will start to feel more macho as the rut approaches. Then the bigger bucks won't tolerate the small ones anywhere near them or other does.

Fishing in the rain last weekend was just fantastic. The bass and pike are relating to green weeds in four to eight feet of water. Spinnerbaits and top water lures seemed to produce the most strikes. This bite should continue for quite awhile, unless things cool quickly and the lakes turn over. If you’re looking for some rod bending action before duck hunting opens, hit the lakes now!

The duck opener is just around the corner. There are a few more ducks locally but don't expect a super hunt. Nationally ducks are way down. I wonder how their natural environment is doing?

Tournament news: Congratul-ations to Joe Eklund and Joe Bartusek for the fine year they had bass fishing. They were awarded team of the year trophies and checks last Saturday near Brainerd. They were there to compete in the Tournament of Champions. After a tough first day the boys brought in the second best limit Saturday to finish in second place. I was at the weigh-in and was one proud dad. Way to go guys!!

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