Reading is an Olympic event at Raven Stream

Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

Raven Stream Elementary School in New Prague is holding its own version of the Olympics. But instead of athletic competitions, students will focus on reading.

The school began I Love to Read Month on Monday, Feb. 1, with an opening ceremony patterned after the Olympics. Keeping with the theme students held a procession around the lunchroom and gym that included a torch (made of paper).

Jen Mushitz, first grade teacher and one of the organizers, explained each grade represented a different country. For the month, Kindergarten students represent the United States, first grade is Canada, second grade is Mexico, third grade is China, fourth grade is Sweden and fifth grade is South Africa.

During the opening ceremony, principal Pat Pribyl introduced students who listed facts of the nation they represented, including the population of each nation and what languages they spoke. Students also displayed paper flags of various sizes representing their countries. Others had hats or vests with symbols of their countries or the Olympics on them.

Mushitz noted each student has been given a piece of paper, in the shape of an ice skate, which they use to keep track of their reading time. Students have been given reading goals. Students in grades K through 2 are asked to read 100 minutes a week, and grades 3 through 5 for 150. When they reach their goal they bring the ice skate back to school to be put on display.

We'll see how many ice skates we'll have hanging by the end

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